Who we are

Our Company is a global business network of more than 21,000 companies that deliver innovative business solutions. Through access to our company's premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support, Our Business Company provides partners with the resources they need to be successful in today’s global economy. The team of qualified staff was especially trained to value the needs and preferences of each customer. Clients’ satisfaction is of the highest priority. This is the goal that we pursue. Just try our services once and we guarantee that you will return over and over again.

We are an international private company found and led by the team of investors, managers and entrepreneurs. We have over 15 departments located all over the world. England, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, China, Australia, and India are on the list of the recently opened new departments. We form global partnership with the purpose of connecting different nations, thus creating a cross-border business model. By pursuing innovative ventures we help local businesses find new markets. A number of young consulting companies were put on the path of growth. Are you ready to be the next one?

Think big!

Get high results with Finance Company. Our company has been consulting leading top management companies since 2004. For the last few years we have designed a unique strategy of business development. Find out how you can apply it on your company to become the industry leader.

Succeed with us!

In our team we gathered true specialists and professionals that know how to give any kind of business an impact on its further development. World's top companies entrust their future to us and we know how to make these companies beneficial. Contact us to discover the ways of your business improvement.

Let us cooperate!

Both top and small businesses can gain a lot from cooperation with us. We are open to everyone. Finance Company can offer you incredible possibilities in any sphere of business even if your company is located outside of the US. Get in touch with us to learn how to achieve it.

56 enthusiasts began a probation

56 participants of company probation program will spend 3 months working at 24 famous companies and corporations. The departments are situated in 21 countries of the world. Wish them good luck!

Our work team

Sam is a financial agent. He acts as an intermediary between our clients and financial institutions. He improves our clients’ financial state.

Vice President with over 20 years of experience covering the entire spectrum of financial services, this person is especially good at seeing the big picture.

Leading Consultant. She is at the head of our consulting department that provides free and paid consulting services to our clients.

Financial Support Manager. Her job is to take care of various financial issues that happen to the companies of our clients from time to time.

Service management

As a complex approach to your business, service management offers your company a great assistance that includes developing the infrastructure of a company in the IT sphere.

Financial planning

Another aspect of planning as an element of any business is financial planning. It helps to predict future expenses while also evaluating your company’s financial state.

Media management

Modern businesses have to follow up-to-date trends, and that’s why we have introduced social media management services – a very powerful promotion and marketing tool.